Upgrading your domain to PRO

Estimated time to complete: 3 minutes
Requirements: An account on NowButtons.com

Step 1

Click on the upgrade button at the top of your screen, just right of the domain settings.

Step 2

Select the currency you prefer. You can choose between Euros and US Dollars.

Step 3

Select the plan that works best for you by clicking on the Upgrade button underneath it. You can choose between a Monthly and a Yearly subscription. The plans offer the same benefits.

Step 4

Enter the applicable personal and company details and click Next. (For companies based in the EU that are registered for VAT, make sure you enter your VAT number so the VAT is reverse charged.)

Step 5

Enter your credit card details and click the Subscribe button.

Your domain is now upgraded to PRO. This is confirmed by the PRO badge that's shown next to your domain in the domain selector at the top of the screen.