The WhatsApp Chat Window

Estimated time to complete: 3 minutes
Requirements: Call Now Button plugin installed

Certain actions such as WhatsApp have the option to show a Chat Window. The WhatsApp Chat Window is a small window or panel that appears when the WhatsApp action button is clicked. It resembles a WhatsApp chat conversation and feels like WhatsApp is fully integrated into your website.

Setting up the WhatsApp Chat Window

To enable the WhatsApp Chat Window, at a very minimum you need to activate it by selecting WhatsApp chat window from the When clicked... pull down menu. That will activate the Chat Window with the default copy. Obviously it's recommended to use your own copy to improve the effectiveness on your website.

The NowButtons WhatsApp Chat Window
An example of NowButtons WhatsApp Chat Window

Setting a title

The Window title allows you to set the heading at the top of the chat window. Here you can personalise things a bit. If it's a support line you could name it "Support chat" or when it's always the same person answering the incoming WhatsApp messages, you could make the title something like "Talk to Lisa".

Setting a welcome message

The welcome message allows you to open the conversation. By default this says "How can we help?". But you could get a lot more creative here and personalise this message a lot more. If your name is John, you could personally welcome the visitor by adding something like "Hi there, I'm John. What can I help you with?". Or if John is a lawyer, he could for example enter: "My name is John Doe and I have 20+ years experience as a criminal law attorney. How can I help you?".