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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a couple of possible reasons for this:

  • You have a caching plugin installed. Delete/empty your cache to fix this.
  • After you've saved any changes you made to the button it can take a minute for those changes to be reflected in the button. The reason for this is that your changes have to be applied to the database server and our cache has to be updated with your latest version.
  • Make sure to check if the toggle button is activated in your button overview. Inactive buttons are not displayed.

You can find the WordPress plugin changelog here.

Yes! We decided to rebrand Call Now Button Cloud to NowButtons for WordPress since it has become so much more than just a call button. The standard Call Now Button still exists but this becomes NowButtons for WordPress when you enable more features.

Simply re-enable NowButtons for WordPress on the settings page, click Save Changes and enter the same email address you used in the past to create your account. More info....