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Two new Button Types: Button Flower and Button Dots

🌼 Button Flower and Button Dots

We’ve expanded your options when creating buttons for your website by adding 2 new button types. Both are multi-action buttons which means that both button types can hold more than one action.

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Button Templates added to NowButtons for WordPress

🎨 Button Templates in WordPress

The latest addition to the WordPress plugin is the Templates Gallery: An overview of pre-configured buttons that only need minimal input from you to activate them on your site.

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The NowButtons 2022 mid year product update

Mid-year product update ☀️

2022 has been a busy year so far and a large number of features were added over the past months.

Curious to see what the biggest updates have been? Continue reading for an overview of the top 10 additions to NowButtons in the first half of 2022!

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New icons for the Multibutton

Icon picker for Multibutton

The Multibutton has been a big hit since the launch. We directly received feature request for some flexibility in the icon on the main icon of the Multibutton.

Earlier this year we've build in the option to change this and added 10 new icons to pick from. Continue reading to see what's new.

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The single button of NowButtons

Maps driving directions

It's important to be able to show your visitors where they can find you. But a location is one thing. Being able to get there taking the fastest or shortest route is something else.

We've now added the option to show Travel Directions. Continue reading to find out more about the new Travel Directions feature.

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